Who is SugarDog?

AKA Adrian Wiggins

A percussionist for all ocassions 


Adrian is experienced in all types of percussion and is readily available for the following:

  • Session work

  • Performance collaboration and duputising

  • Live accompaniment to DJ

  • DJ SugarDog (latin DJ)

  • Community carnival projects

  • Private tuition

  • Composition: theartes and dance

  • School workshops


The following are all owned and played by Adrian

Congas, Bongos, Cajon, Pandeiro, Berimbau, Udu, Quica, snare and all Samba related instruments.


African: Balafon, Mbira, Djembe, Talking drum, Darbuka


...and more: Udu, dan moi, garahand, bones, 


Electronic: Korg Wavedrum, Korg Kaossilator, Korg Kaoss Pad 3, Roland SPDS, Yamaha Tenori-on.


NB is currently studying the Cas Cas (shakers on strings) video to be posted when mastered!


Afro-Brazilian percussion:

Samba, Samba-Reggae, Samba funk, Baion, Partido-Alto, Maracatu, 


Afro-Cuban percussion:

Rumba, Son-Montuno, Mambo, Mozambique



  • Adrian teaches samba groups and is very experienced in progressing and cleaning up existing community samba groups.

  • Schools samba and junk percussion

  • Corporate: runs his own team building company BIG BEAT

  • Private tuition: has a number of students learning pandeiro, congas, bongos etc

  • Community carnival projects 

  • Residencies


Adrian is a versatile musician that has performed with many different styles of acts and bands, Latin Jazz, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Funk, Soul, African, Folk, Hip-Hop, Eastern European and lots more

He's also played many a night club which has honed his skills to playing in time with recorded music. He can provide a small to large percussion set up to fit most club settings.


...and finally Adrian throws his hand to DJing. Utilising his collection of latin music to spin tunes well into the night. 


With Adrian's array of equipment he can deliver a multitued of sounds, rhythms, styles and grooves.

From full on rhythm to ambient sound his versatilty and experience is valuable in this digital world and very experienced in recording for all genres of music and styles.

Adrian has also worked extensively in contemporary dance and theatre, having composed interactive music with dance, site specifics and sound scapes for theatre productions.

His Junk/Scrap is a versatile addition and brings a different sound and energy to any project, having to literally use what he finds to make a performance.

"one mans' rubbish is another mans' performance" SugarDog

He really likes using the surroundigs as an instrument having to push the boundaries of his imagination.