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Music Therapy and Special Needs


Experience working with SEN Adrian has aquired a huge understanding of what is required when it comes to music therapy.

His awareness and response to the individual child either in a groups scenario or as an individual.

Using his huge array of world percussion the pupil experiences sounds and textures not usually associated with music therapy.


Whole day workshops and longer projects can be arranged culminating in 'show and tell' performances.



"Adrian I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you again for an amazing morning the students are still talking about it to their friends and im sure they will for days to come." Dawn Cobley Greenfields, Northants


  • encouraging clients to take part in the session and supporting them by responding musically;

  • encouraging clients to use a range of accessible musical instruments, such as percussion, and their own voice to express themselves;

  • helping clients explore the world of sound and to create a musical language of their own;

  • improvising with music as a reaction to what the client is communicating in order to enhance the individual nature of the relationship;

  • recording therapy sessions, with the consent of the client(s);

  • supporting the client's creative development and facilitating positive changes in their behaviour and well-being

Electronic Music Therapy

Using hands on electronic instruments like the Tenori-On, Wavedrum, Kaosilator Adrian has developed a unique way to really engage pupils and sometimes wake up their inner music ability!

Creating instant music without technique can be a rewarding moment for many children and this is some of Adrians most rewarding work.

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