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Schools Music

Samba drumming, junk percussion, carnival residencies, inset days and world percussion assemblies


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Samba Drumming

Samba is one of the most accessible musical art forms available to all ages and is fun and easy to understand, a great gateway to music for children.

Using a variety of Afro-Brazilian instruments a session can consist of short demonstration of the following: Surdo (large bass drum), Caixa (snare), Tamborim (small tambourine), Ago-go bell (double headed cowbell) and various other Samba instruments used in the Rio Carnival.  By the end of the session the class is playing together confidently as a complete Samba band.


Download our pdf for more info


Junk Funk

Car wheels, bins, plastic, brooms, pipes etc this is an enterprising session with a strong recycling theme.

A great environmental message can be incorporated into topical studies and projects.


Incorporate current projects or even start your own school junk band.

Download pdf for more info

World Percussion Assemblies

An interactive session for assemblies and hands on sessions for classes. 

Learn about the Balafon from Ghana, the Berimbau from Brazil, the Dumbek from North Africa, the Bongos from Cuba and a lot more weird and wonderful instruments - a real journey through the sounds of the world. 

An assembly for the whole school followed by in depth, hands-on workshops with the instruments.


Inset Days

Even teachers need a break so let us do it for you.  This session can be used as a tool for learning the basics of teaching samba percussion to children or simply as a teambuilding, stress busting session for the whole staff, everyone can benefit from banging a drum from time to time!  An accompanying dance session to this is also available and will revitalise even the most apprehensive participant! Most excellent fun!

A great ‘team building’ session for all the staff.

Download pdf for more info

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