SugarDog can provide some exciting music for your event.

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DJ SugarDog


  • Book yourself a real Latin DJ!

  • Playing music from Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Spain, Portugal

  • Styles including Samba, Rumba, cumbia, Plena, Latin funk, Flamenco

  • A huge catalouge of sounds and energy

Live percussionist

Adrian has been playing alongside DJs for years and has a good angle on the right beats to play at the right time.


He knows how to gauge the crowd and generate some great Bongo grooves.

Playing to house, funky house, dub, reggae, garage anything that requires some vibrant live percussion.


  • Fully self contained percussion set up

  • Book with Latin DJ and get a all in price!


Stand Up Latin

Have you ever wanted that undeniable Latin sound but not had the space or budget to hire an 8-10 piece group?


Vocalist Kari from Cuba delivers a very powerful performance using highly effective and very danceable backing tracks. This is combined with live percussion provided by SugarDog on congas, bongos etc.


So for those small spaces requiring a genueine Latin sound then look no further.

“Wow I thought you were an 8 piece Salsa band” club goer The Cuban,


take a look here for some inspiring video


Crash Dance Waiters copy.jpg
Samba Drummers

We can provide any number of samba drummers with costumed dancers.

Create that Rio atmosphere, the sounds of the World Cup and the Rio Olympics to come.


Genuine street sounds played by some of the best drummers and percussionists around.


Instant on the spot and high energy, a guaranteed all round display of drums and sounds.


Crashing Waiters

A tray falls, a waiter taps his impatience, what is all this bufoonery?

And with a crash they begin, bins and trash at their disposal the show begins!


The 3 waiters transformed into a thrash trash band with plenty of interactive audience participation.

Bringing theatre, drumming and waitering crashing into one space

The Crashing Waiters masters of rhythm and deceipt egin to unravel their web of theatre to the unsuspecting audience.

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